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The Sequester Is Better Than Sliced Bread | Commentary

In other words, the first question that should be asked of Obama and members of Congress who want to gut the sequester is why they aren’t instead proposing to consolidate or eliminate the 94 federal initiatives across 11 agencies that encourage “green building” in the private sector, the more than 50 federal programs across 20 agencies that promote financial literacy or the 47 job training programs that cost more than $18 billion annually?

The same question should be asked about every other duplicative or wasteful program identified by the GAO, the Congressional Budget Office, the Office of Management and Budget and non-governmental sources such as our organization’s Prime Cuts.

Offers of a “grand bargain” to replace the sequester should be rejected. Past agreements have been a bad deal for taxpayers, leading to higher taxes and spending. Only the sequester, starting with Gramm-Rudman, has resulted in real spending cuts.

Tom Schatz is president of Citizens Against Government Waste.

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