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The Gift of Gaming

Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call
You can compete with up to four of your nerdiest friends to shape the U.S. Constitution in the game Founding Fathers.

Matthews and Leonhard have designed multiplayer games as well, including Founding Fathers, which was released in 2010 by Jolly Roger Games and allows players to compete to be the most renowned of the Founding Fathers by playing cards representing the 55 delegates at the Constitutional Convention of 1787.

Just like any traditional publishing venture, though, popular games can go out of print. That’s the case not only with 1960: The Making of the President but with the more recent Campaign Manager 2008.

Matthews was a bit wistful when this was brought up. “Sad, but true,” he said. Still, there are copies of the games to be had, including at Labyrinth, and Campaign Manager 2008 remains available on Amazon.com, for instance.

Regarding 1960, Labyrinth’s Esther Kim said, “It’s a pretty popular one, so we generally keep it in stock.”

If Labyrinth doesn’t have the games you seek in the store, they’re happy to help you find them, either through special orders or via websites such as BoardGameGeek.com, eBay or Amazon.

Matthews isn’t done designing historical and political board games yet. This year saw the release of 1989: Dawn of Freedom, about the end of the Cold War, which Matthews designed with Ted Torgerson.

Matthews is currently considering a game that will center around mid-19th-century politics. “I’m kind of working on one leading up to the politics of the Civil War” with the working title Antebellum, Matthews said.

And how did his colleagues in Landrieu’s office react to his expanding board game empire?

“Most of them knew I was a big nerd. There was nothing particularly new there,” Matthews said.

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