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Texas Republicans: Cruz, Cornyn, Stockman Discord Disrupts Weekly Confab

Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call
Cruz frequently clashes with Cornyn the No. 2 Senate Republican, and it’s unclear at this point how rocky their relationship is.

On the topic of his clothes, for instance: Stockman insisted to CQ Roll Call he was wearing $9 pants from either Kmart or Wal-Mart.

Asked what’s next for him, first he told us he was “going to go work for Roll Call,” then he told us he had his eyes set on the night shift at Wendy’s, which was why, he said, he now supported raising the minimum wage.

When he finally got serious about the question, he said he didn’t actually know what was next. “I might do something; we’ll see.”

In the meantime, the Texas Republican delegation has taken him back with open arms.

After Cornyn dispensed with Stockman by 40 points, Brady — who Stockman calls a “super sweet guy” — sought out the Texas GOP’s missing lunch companion.

“He came over to me, which almost started me crying,” Stockman said. “He comes up to me and says, ‘Steve,’ he says, ‘You’re part of the family.’ He says, ‘You need to start coming back to the Thursday lunches.’ ”

So Stockman returned. And in good Texas fun, when he first saw Cornyn, he jokingly demanded a recount.

This coming from a man who spent months characterizing Cornyn, in some of the most trollish tweets from a congressman ever, as the wrong choice for Texas.

After all those #LiberalJohnCornyn missives, on the night that Stockman lost his bid for Senate and, perhaps, once and for all ended his congressional career, Team Stockman sent out this 132-character tweet: “We wish Senator Cornyn best of luck in November and urge everyone to vote for, volunteer for and support the whole Texas GOP ticket.”

With eight characters left, @SteveWorks4You affixed this hashtag to the tweet: #family.

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