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Tea Party Groups Fracture With House GOP on Debt

For his part, Norquist said it’s a difference between strategy and tactics, not world views.

“One should ask any critic of Boehner what resources they have spent attacking Democrats who oppose spending cuts — compared to what they have done/spent to attack Boehner,” Norquist told Roll Call in an email.

Tempers flared at conservative meetings around Washington last week. “It was as ugly as I’ve ever seen,” noted one Republican lobbyist who attended a Wednesday meeting hosted by Norquist’s group.

But the tensions, perhaps more pronounced than ever, are not likely to cripple the vast conservative operation that has found a powerful voice in the debt negotiations, according to activists on both sides of the debate.

“They will all kiss and make up,” said a former Republican lobbyist and Bush administration appointee. “Though it may not be a big wet kiss, it will be enough for everyone to keep holding hands through the 2012 election.”

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