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Tea Party Group Starts New Anti-Obama PAC

Tea Party Express has tried to pitch itself as independent of the Republican Party, while Gill said the campaign will “work with as many candidates as possible to build a campaign to defeat Barack Obama.”

Amy Kremer, chairwoman of Tea Party Express, faced a backlash from tea party leaders when she said in a televised interview, “Whoever is a Republican nominee, they’re going to have to have the support of the tea party movement, the entire tea party movement.”

For the campaign, that is expressly the purpose: support the Republican nominee and get Obama out.

The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama may also become a super PAC, allowing the group to raise and spend unlimited funds to independently target candidates. As a traditional PAC, Tea Party Express has a limit on how much money it can take from any individual or entity.

So far, the money raised by the group has gone primarily to making anti-Obama ads. The new PAC also spent $100,000 in Wisconsin, where Gill said Democrats are using the battle over collective bargaining rights “to jump-start the energy and fundraising of the Obama campaign.”

Tea Party Express was also active in Wisconsin, but Gill said the Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama can focus exclusively on opposing Obama while the tea party group continues to plan bus tours and organize local groups in other races.

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