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Suzan DelBene Dumps on Her Failed Flick

Cleaning up at the cineplex, by all accounts, takes hard work, talent, perfect timing and perhaps just a little bit of luck. Based on her characterization of an independent film she co-financed, Rep. Suzan DelBene, D-Wash., appears to have come up terribly short in several of those departments.

(Courtesy Facebook)

(Courtesy Facebook)

Dumping Lisa

The project does not appear to have panned out.

“Dumping Lisa was an investment we made in a motion picture that as of last year was declared worthless,” DelBene alerted congressional bean counters.

The movie, which is currently streaming on both Netflix and Amazon, tracks the misadventures of two cash-strapped slackers forced to help a feckless mark ditch his ultra-clingy, longtime girlfriend.