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Survey Sees the Nadir of Congress' Approval Rating

Respondents disproportionately named party leaders, members of Congress, the media and political campaigns as primarily to blame for Congress’ incivility. Meanwhile, when asked to rate how much the current political climate is attributable to “the increased incivility of society in general,” 33 percent called it a “major factor,” while 53 percent were more lukewarm, saying it was “somewhat of a factor.” 24 percent said the voters who brought lawmakers to Washington were a “major factor” in contributing to the incivility, and 47 percent labeled them “somewhat of a factor.”

“I really think they are taking a too-rosy view of their participation in this process,” Carmines said. “It’s true that some of these factors do exacerbate incivility, but it’s also true there are elements of the public that encourage this and in a way provide a shield for it. I don’t think they adequately recognize that.”

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