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State of the Union Fact Sheet

• Workplace Equality for LGBT Workers. Today, federal law prohibits employment discrimination based on race, sex, religion, and disability. It’s time to add sexual orientation and gender identity to that list, so that no American worker can lose his or her job simply because of who they are or who they love. The Employment Non-Discrimination Act would provide strong federal protections for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender workers. Last year, a bipartisan majority of the Senate passed ENDA, and the President renews his call for the House to do the same.

Jobs & Economic Opportunity

• Making Progress Through Executive Action •

• Launching Four New Manufacturing Innovation Institutes in 2014. To support investment in our manufacturers’ competitiveness and accelerate innovation in manufacturing, the President will use his executive authority to launch four new manufacturing innovation institutes this year, a co-investment by the private sector and Federal agencies, led by the Departments of Defense and Energy. These new institutes will build on the success of the four that the President has already announced – including the pilot institute in Youngstown, Ohio and the most recent institute launched in Raleigh, N.C. By the end of 2014, the President will have made it to the halfway point on his initial goal of 15 institutes, without Congress. Leveraging the strengths of a particular region, institutes bring together companies, universities and community colleges, and government to co-invest in development of world-leading manufacturing technologies and capabilities that U.S.-based manufacturers can apply in production.

• Government-wide Review of Federal Training Programs to Help Americans Get Skills in Demand for Good Jobs. In the coming days, the President will announce the details of a plan to conduct a program-by-program review of federal training programs to be more focused on the skills needed in high-demand sectors. The President has asked the Vice President to lead a full review of America’s job-training system to make sure our programs are helping people with skills find the jobs that need those skills and, for those who need to be trained, making sure our skills programs are higher performing and better matched to the skill needs of employers looking to hire. In the coming months, we’ll help community colleges build partnerships with businesses so that our training programs are meeting the needs of the businesses that will be doing the hiring.

• Partnering With CEOs to Put the Long-Term Unemployed Back to Work. The President is asking every business leader in America to help the long-term unemployed get into jobs because we are stronger when America fields a team at full strength. Later this week, as part of an ongoing effort that began several months ago, the President will convene a group of CEOs and other leaders who have committed to giving more of the long-term unemployed a fair shot at a job and a new chance to support their families. This convening will also highlight promising models to connect the long-term unemployed to work.

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