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Open Field Left Untouched

A chief complaint of many teams this season has been the difficulty of finding an available playing field.

Steal at Home Hands Team First Loss of Season

All Vols third baseman and left fielder Andy Steele put his last name in action on Monday night when he stole home against the previously undefeated Howard Bitewings (4-0), leading his team to a 23-16 victory in a classic Congressional Softball League game.

Team's Plea Falls on Deaf Ears

What Exit?, the Garden State team in the House Softball League, had a simple Monday request: that their game with Texas Republic be voted the league’s game of the week. And for good reason. The game, set for Thursday, pits What Exit?’s 6-2 record against the 5-0 Texas Republic, who also happens to be sitting atop the league.

Rounding the Bases

Here’s a quick recap of what we learned this week out on the diamond and from behind our laptops:

Scott Ibaraki’s Big Day Lifts Bada Bings Over Read the Fine Print

The Bada Bings (8-0) shook off an up-and-down start to post a 20-13 win over the Government Printing Office’s previously perfect Read the Fine Print (4-1) in a 90-minute epic tonight.

House Softball League Thrives Under Anthony Reed

ďThree leagues? But there are only two chambers.Ē

Big Third Inning Carries MLBs Over MisHits

The Major League Ballers (4-2) took advantage of perfect softball weather on the National Mall, cruising past the MisHits (0-3-1), 22-12, in Wednesday nightís House Softball League action.

Star Pitcher Propels Team at the Plate

Randall Jefferson, starting pitcher for the Cap City Brewing Flyers, let his bat and glove lead the way tonight in his team’s 10-7 victory over Licensed to IL.

Elevated Threat Elevates Play When It Counts

Elevated Threat and the Stroke Signals took their Monday night game down to the wire, with the former defeating the latter, 12-11.

Hit It Toomey Cuts Through Red Tape for Big Win

Disclaimer: Your trusted correspondent will stay away from NBA analogies tonight to avoid jinxing the Celtics like he did the Spurs.

Texas Team Boasts an Illustrious Softball History

The RBI’s of Texas, a Senate Softball League team, have yet to play a game this season (scheduling conflicts have hampered early efforts). But don’t let the incomplete record lead you to believe that it’s a novice team trying to find its bearings.

Experience Bests Youth in Wednesday Showdown

If the San Antonio Spurs were paying attention to Wednesday’s Congressional Softball League action, they’d be feeling pretty good about their chances right now.

Women Duel in Senate Softball League Game

Tonight’s game between Harkin’s Heroes and the Bama Bangers, a pair of Senate Softball League teams, may have featured a first this season: two female starters.

Short-Handed Team Shows Heart

Monday’s night’s House Softball League matchup between the Great Lakers, a team primarily made up of staffers from the Michigan delegation, and the Hired Guns, a team from lobbying firm Cassidy & Associates, almost didn’t happen.

Everyday Softball Gear

While a bat and a glove work great out on the diamond, they aren’t very practical at the office or around the house.

Rounding the Bases

Here’s a quick recap of what we learned this week out on the diamond and from behind our laptops.

Faith Is Common Thread for Softball Team

Under the bright May sun, Deep Space 9 got scorched.

TNacious Greats Get Their Shot on the Mall

It’s hard to be great when you don’t get to play that often.

The Verbal Slugfest

In sports, trash talking can be a potent weapon in puffing up the collective team ego while cutting that of the opposition.

Never Say Di: Dianne Feinstein’s Team Rallies to First Win

Never Say Di (1-1) lived up to its name tonight, overcoming an early five-run deficit to notch a 6-5 win over the Arkansas Naturals (0-3) in Division 1 Senate Softball League action.




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