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Garamendi on McCain, Graham: 'Those Two Would Like to Bomb Everywhere'

Rep. John Garamendi on Wednesday joined the chorus of lawmakers from both parties warning against mission creep in Iraq drawing the U.S. back into a war in the Middle East.

Rand Paul Wants Obama to Seek Approval for Extended Iraq Effort (Video)

Sen. Rand Paul has joined the calls for President Barack Obama to seek congressional approval for an extended military campaign to fight Islamic State forces in Iraq.

Wisconsin Primary Now Too Close to Call

The Associated Press has rescinded its call in Wisconsinís 6th District GOP primary after announcing that state Sen. Glenn Grothman won the GOP race last night.

Lisa Murkowski Goes All In on #IceBucketChallenge

Bucket, schmucket.

Congressional Bucket Brigade Swells (Video)

At the rate things are going, every single congressional lawmaker may very will get roped into the #IceBucketChallenge before the end of the summer.

Dean Heller Challenges Harry Reid to Grow a Beard

Sen. Dean Heller has issued a challenge to his Democratic counterpart from Nevada.

It's the Chuck Grassley Show at the Iowa State Fair

DES MOINES, Iowa ó At the Iowa State Fair, the walk from the William C. Knapp Varied Industries Building to the swine barn should take about five minutes.

Wisconsin Primary Results: Republicans Nominate Grothman in 6th District

Updated 6:40 a.m. | State Sen. Glenn Grothman has won the GOP primary by a slim margin in the only open House district in Wisconsin.

Minnesota Primary Results: Republicans Pick Michele Bachmann Successor

Former state Rep. Tom Emmer decisively defeated Anoka County Commissioner Rhonda Sivarajah Tuesday in the GOP primary for Minnesotaís open 6th District, putting him on a near certain path to Congress this fall to succeed retiring Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn.

Tim Kaine: Obama Needs Congress to OK Iraq Air Strikes

Democratic Sen. Tim Kaine wants President Barack Obama to seek new approval from Congress for the current bombing campaign in Iraq.

Roll Caller Throws #IceBucketChallenge to Wasserman Schultz

The friendly #IceBucketChallenge thatís got everyone on social media dousing themselves with cold water just got real: Roll Call Editor-in-Chief Christina Bellantoni has officially thrown down.

Politicians Increasingly Game for Ice Bucket Challenge (Video)

An infectious fundraising pitch has helped throw cold water on the notion that politicians today just donít care about anything.

Why Did DEA Pay an Amtrak Employee for Passenger Records?

A bizarre revelation contained in a routine Amtrak inspector general report has caught the attention of the top Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

This Fall's House Ad Wars Have Officially Started (Video)

The flood gates opened Tuesday when the House campaign committees began the barrage of fall television advertisements.

CBC Members Call for Full DOJ Investigation Into Ferguson Shooting (Updated)

Updated: 12:18 p.m. | The chairwoman of the Congressional Black Caucus and two of her colleagues are calling on the Justice Department to probe deeply into the Aug. 9 fatal shooting of an unarmed African-American teenager by a police officer in Ferguson, Mo.

In Iowa Senate Race, It's Personality Versus Policy

DES MOINES, Iowa Ė Joni Ernst is a hugger.

Self-Fulfilling Prophecy Might Be Why Americans Hate Congress

The mediaís narrative about Congress is clear: It is unproductive, members care only about getting re-elected and they have failed to do their jobs.

Freshman Congresswoman Moves to the Middle

PHOENIX ó Once known for her progressive politics, Rep. Kyrsten Sinema has coasted to the center in her first re-election.

Florida Legislature Approves New Congressional Map

The Florida Legislature approved a new congressional map Monday evening and sent it to the governorís desk, although itís still unclear whether the new House district boundaries will past muster or take effect for the 2014 elections.




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