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Spending Deal Gives D.C. Budget Autonomy Advocates Hope

Douglas Graham/CQ Roll Call
Residents of Washington protest the government shutdown’s effect on the District on Oct. 9.

The shutdown caused the city to miss a $74-million payment due to the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority at the beginning of the month, which it is now required to pay back with interest, according to Gray.

“As Congress has now recognized, the District is not a federal agency, and our residents, visitors and businesses should not be forced to endure extreme hardships no other city or state in our nation has to face as a result of these standoffs,” Gray said. “We are the only place in the country where shutdowns of the federal government threaten basic city services and where Medicaid providers, public charter schools, and our regional transit system are faced with significant financial hardship or even ruin because we are prohibited from spending our own money.”

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