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So Much for Filibuster Deal's Time-Savers

Douglas Graham/CQ Roll Call
Reid remained hopeful Tuesday that a deal on the continuing resolution could be reached soon.

Of course, the budget resolution, by law, gets 50 hours debate on the floor, and Senators are given the opportunity to offer unlimited amendments on a myriad of subjects thereafter. While the Senate also could reach a unanimous consent agreement to curtail that, Senate Budget ranking member Jeff Sessions said that wasn’t in the cards.

The Alabama Republican suggested that the debate be put off until the week after the two-week recess for Easter and Passover, but Democrats have no intention of doing that.

“Because of this delay [on the CR], now we get to wait and watch the time run out until Thursday night, and we will be here Friday, Saturday and Sunday doing this debate,” said Budget Chairwoman Patty Murray, D-Wash.

On the spending bill, the Senate voted Monday evening to overcome procedural hurdles after an amendment agreement floated by Reid ran into multiple objections from GOP senators seeking votes on amendments not included in the deal.

On the CR, Democrats have to contend with two 30-hour debate clocks. The first one on a Senate substitute amendment will expire Wednesday morning. The second one on the bill itself would start after that, though in an agreement that represents a bit of Senate magic, it will act as though it began at 1 a.m. Wednesday. Absent an agreement or the use of any new procedural tools, senators and their staffs have a long week ahead.

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