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Slouching Toward Tyranny | Commentary

Some argue that these restrictions could not take effect before next November, but that is immaterial; it is another attempt to usurp Congress, the Constitution and the rule of law. By itself, this action represents an overreach in the name of supplanting a fundamental right with the whims of a president. In the context of previous actions by this administration, it is a truly frightening picture.

President Obama has demonstrated repeated disregard for the Congress and the American people through his unilateral pronouncements altering the terms of the Affordable Care Act, his selective enforcement of immigration laws, the Defense of Marriage Act and federal drug laws. Coupled with his illegal appointments to the National Labor Relations Board, ordering restrictive rewrites to carbon dioxide standards and a host of other decrees, we are witness to a level of imperious conduct never before seen in an American president.

The personal story I will relate to Congress is not unique; it is symptomatic of the problems caused by this growth in the un-elected regulatory apparatus and Congress must examine the scale of the situation and take action.

Its been said that the death of one man is a tragedy, but the death of millions is a statistic. What we are now witnessing provides a regulatory corollary: The circumvention of one law is an outrage; the circumvention of many is tyranny.

Jenny Beth Martin is the co-founder of Tea Party Patriots.

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