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Sklar and Klinger: Time for Plan C -- Close the Floodgates on Corporate Tax Dodging

As the FACT (Financial Accountability and Corporate Transparency) Coalition our organization is part of put it in a new letter to the president, “We should not ask those struggling to find work, keep their jobs, feed their families and retire with the benefits they’ve earned to sacrifice more, while asking corporations to contribute the same or even less.”

If Congress is serious about being fiscally responsible and helping America’s small businesses, it will act to adopt Plan C, closing the offshore tax loopholes that drain our Treasury and undermine small businesses and our economy. It is time for revenue-positive corporate tax changes that call upon our largest corporations to pay their fair share and to once again invest in the America, which has invested so much in their success.

Holly Sklar is the executive director of Business for Shared Prosperity. Scott Klinger is the organization’s tax policy director.

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