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Sixth Floor Museum Offers Dallas-Eye View of JFK's Assassination

Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty Images
In the Sixth Floor Museum, a reflection of where Kennedy died is seen in protective glass surrounding the window where Oswald allegedly made his fatal shot.

For context, Landesman noted the special kind of trauma Dallas has endured for years when it comes to the assassination. Regarding the 50th anniversary, Landesman said, ďIt canít come and go fast enough for them. They feel, they take it personally. I know they take it personally. The only crime Dallas committed was letting Lee Harvey Oswald live there. And who knew he was Lee Harvey Oswald until he was Lee Harvey Oswald?Ē

From Longfordís perspective, it comes with the territory.

ďAt least people are talking about it. Instead of ignoring it, theyíre talking about it, and thatís good,Ē she said.

The museum, the anniversary and her institutionís continuing mission to interpret the events contribute to an evolving story. ďItís an enduring interest we have here, the subject of the assassination. Itís a riveting story and we donít see the interest diminishing, although it may change over time,Ē she said. And perhaps it can fulfill another purpose for the city.

ďItís a catharsis for many people here in Dallas who are speaking up for the first time. You would think that youíve heard it all, but we havenít,Ē Longford said.

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