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Sid Yudain, Roll Call Founder, Laid to Rest

Tom Williams/CQ Roll
Lael Yudain, widow of Roll Call founder Sid Yudain, receives an American flag during an interment ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery. The Army veteran died on Oct. 20.

The man who would go on to found Roll Call was one of eight siblings. Four Yudain brothers served in the Army in World War II.

Yudain enjoyed a long, prosperous life. His memorial service in December, held at his beloved National Press Club, was a festive affair, with friends and family singing, telling funny stories and praising a man who loved to bring others together. That was his vision for Roll Call and its place in the Capitol Hill community. He wanted everyone to get along and have fun, to remember the things that brought people together.

Friday’s ceremony on the military’s hallowed ground was a more somber affair, as family, friends and the U.S. military bade him a final, long goodbye.

Of all the things that survive a society, gravesites and cemeteries are usually some of the longest standing. Westminster Abbey in London, the Pantheon in Paris, the Street of Tombs in Pompeii, all show this.

In the future, as the United States ages, the monuments to America’s military servants here will continue to tell the stories of the past. TEC 5 Sid Yudain, founder of Roll Call, will take his place among those stories. He was a man who knew how to tell a good story himself.

An earlier version of this story misstated the number of Yudain brothers who served in the Army in World War II. Four Yudain brothers served.

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