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Despite Rebukes, Ted Cruz Doubles Down on Charge McConnell Lied (Updated)

Updated 5:05 p.m. | The Senate opened Sunday with a reading by the Senate President Pro Tem Orrin G. Hatch of the Senateís rules of decorum, in an apparent rebuke of Sen. Ted Cruz calling Majority Leader Mitch McConnell a liar on Friday. And things got more personal from there.

Cruz Calling McConnell a Liar Likely to Linger

When Rush Limbaugh asked Sen. Ted Cruz what blowback he expected from accusing Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., of lying about reauthorizing the Export-Import Bank, the Texas Republican said he was gearing up for more fights.

For Planned Parenthood, Videos Take a Toll on Hill

Democrats have rallied to defend Planned Parenthood in the wake of the recent releases of two graphic undercover videos by an anti-abortion group, but the womenís health group is already feeling plenty of heat on Capitol Hill.

Ted Cruz Hasn't Corrected CodePink Debate Flub

A day later, Sen. Ted Cruz still hasnít acknowledged he flubbed one on Iran during a debate with CodePink.

House Appropriations' Rogers Likely to Give Up Gavel

House Appropriations Chairman Harold Rogers says he likely will give up his gavel rather than seek a waiver when his third two-year term expires next year, leaving an opening for the chairmanship of the spending panel.

Democrats Push Back Hard on Clinton Email Story

For months, it looked like the partisan wrangling over Hillary Rodham Clintonís emails might be relegated to the occasional House Select Committee on Benghazi hearing and that panelís increasingly contentious clashes between Republican Chairman Trey Gowdy and ranking Democrat Elijah E. Cummings.

Freedom Watch Sues to Stop Iran Deal

Despite agreement on both sides of the aisle that the Iran nuclear agreement is not a treaty, a conservative activist group filed suit to block the measure as unconstitutional.

House Leaning Toward VA 'Choice' Vote, but With Strings

Lawmakers appear ready to ensure the Department of Veterans Affairs has access to the money it needs to prevent a shutdown of its hospitals this August, but there will probably be strings attached.

Ted Cruz Promises to Bring Pork to White House

It seems Sen. Ted Cruz has achieved Hollywood status.

Team 'Good Wife' Readies Hill-Centered 'BrainDead'

Howís this for a conspiracy theory: Congress ainít just broke. Itís been overrun by mindless pols.

Congressional Hits and Misses: Week of July 20, 2015 (Video)

Members spent the week recalling their college days, drafting grocery lists and touting their love for San Francisco.

Coveting a New Roll Call Cup

Democratic lawmakers hope to put an end to their losing streak and retake the coveted Roll Call Cup from their Republican counterparts at this yearís 14th annual First Tee Congressional Challenge.

Despite White House's Iran Blitz, Democrats Struggle With Backing Deal

House Democrats were briefed on the Iran nuclear deal Thursday afternoon by Secretary of State John Kerry and Secretary of Energy Earnest J. Moniz, but many sounded as undecided when they came out as when they went in.

Cruz Accuses McConnell of Lying About Deal on Reviving the Export-Import Bank (Updated) (Video)

Updated 10:29 a.m. | Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, accused his own majority leader of effectively lying to fellow senators about his intentions Friday in a floor speech that could have serious repercussions.

Conservative Groups Not Sold on John McCain Challenger

Conservative outside groups have made it crystal clear they want John McCain out of the Senate, but a fog remains over whether any will back the Arizona Republicanís most prominent opponent so far.

Ted Cruz Gets One Wrong on Iran Deal

Sen. Ted Cruz flubbed one Thursday in his impromptu debate on the Iran deal.

Senate Taking Scenic Route on Highway Bill (Updated)

UPDATED 7:17 p.m. |Senate negotiators on a long-term highway bill worked out some issues in a new version unveiled Thursday afternoon, but lawmakers appeared on track for weekend work, including potential Sunday votes.

Kerry Gives Forceful Iran Deal Defense, but Republicans Aren't Buying (Video)

With a day of testimony on both sides of the Capitol Thursday to sell the Iran deal, Secretary of State John Kerry forcefully defended it amid sharp attacks and questioning mostly from Republicans.

Ted Cruz Debates Protesters at Anti-Iran Deal Event

As Secretary of State John Kerry testified Thursday before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, protesters gathered in the shade of Lafayette Square, just north of the White House, to voice their opinions on President Barack Obamaís Iran deal.

Pennsylvania Democrats Get a Senate Candidate — and a Primary

Pennsylvania Democrats say theyíre unsure how divisive the forthcoming Senate primary will get or how impactful it will prove in achieving the partyís ultimate goal of defeating Republican Sen. Patrick J. Toomey and winning back the Senate.




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