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Obama Pitches Budget's Cybersecurity Plan — At Length

After submitting his final spending plan to Congress on Tuesday, President Barack Obama touted his record and delivered a sales pitch for nearly $20 billion he says is needed to secure America’s cyber-footprint, a perhaps unexpected but entirely needed push, he said.

5 Budget Proposals a Future Democratic President Could Support

President Barack Obama in his last year in office released a budget on Tuesday chock full of Democratic priorities that likely won’t be enacted into law while he is in office but could be championed by the next president if a Democrat wins the White House.

5 Budget Proposals a Republican President Could Support

Republican presidential candidates will likely be quick to dismiss or ignore President Barack Obama’s budget, but within the lengthy blueprint are a few proposals that most GOP candidates (and both Democratic contenders) could support if they win the White House and get to craft their own budget request next year.

A Post-Boehner Era Ash Wednesday

In former Speaker John A. Boehner’s first speech after taking the gavel in January 2011, he referred to Ash Wednesday in an attempt to humble Congress.

The Budget in Brief

The writers at our sister publication Congressional Quarterly have scoured President Obama’s fiscal 2017 budget, department by department, for the most significant proposal. Here are some highlights of the documents submitted Tuesday. You can find the full reports at www.cq.com.

Quiz: How Much Do You Know About the New Hampshire Primary?

You’ve been following the New Hampshire primary for the 2016 presidential election pretty closely. But have you been following closely enough?

McCain Condemns 'Loose Talk' on Campaign Trail

Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., took the Senate floor Tuesday afternoon to condemn what he called “loose talk” on the presidential campaign trail over the use of torture.

The $100 Jacket Politicians Use to Pretend To Be Normal People

David Trone has never run for office before, but he’s wearing the standard issue uniform of a politician in his first television ads: the barn jacket.

Bernie Sanders Supporters Go for 'Revolutionary' Food

D.C. residents supporting Sen. Bernard Sanders, I-Vt., in the New Hampshire Caucus will meet Tuesday night at Marx Café Revolutionary Cuisine, appropriate enough for a campaign that bills itself as a political revolution.

Legislative Branch: Another 10 Percent Boost Proposed

The budget for the legislative branch would increase by nearly 10 percent, including more money for Capitol Police and for security and construction projects, under a spending proposal submitted Tuesday.

GOP Senator Wants to Compel Reports on Iran-North Korea Ties

A Republican senator wants to compel the Obama administration to tell Congress what it knows about ties between North Korea and Iran.

The ABCs of Election 2016

New Hampshire residents Tuesday are voting for the presidential candidates squaring off in the first official primary of the 2016 campaign — a race some political observers are framing in a most negative fashion.

A Lecture on Sexism from Noted Feminist Bill Clinton

Like other humans, women don’t usually love being told how to feel, what to think or whom to support. Guilt trips often go nowhere. And threats that those naughty girls who won’t fall in line just might go to hell? They not only don’t work, but backfire.

Empathy: Trump's New Hampshire Snow Job

Londonderry, N.H. — The final questioner at a deliberately understated Donald Trump town hall was a former United Airlines flight attendant who had almost been working on one of the doomed 9/11 flights. As she explained in her moving, but rambling, tale of survivor guilt, “I was so angry and so sad. And the two together, it was tough to function.”

Senators to Watch 'The Big Short'

A bipartisan group of senators is heading to the movies, hoping an Academy Award-nominated film may help shed light on the Great Recession and what lessons can be learned.

N.H. Forecast: Only the Snow Is a Definite

NASHUA, N.H. — What will happen in Tuesday’s Republican primary here? First, let’s examine the unlikely possibility that someone other than Donald Trump could win the state. Again, this is highly unlikely, as The Donald has amassed a “yuge” lead, but of course it’s still possible; New Hampshire likes to surprise us, likes to keep us guessing.

The Big Question in New Hampshire: Where Does Rubio Finish?

In their last two presidential primaries, Republicans left New Hampshire with a much clearer view of who would become their party’s White House pick thanks to victories from eventual nominees John McCain and Mitt Romney.

Food Network Star Keeps Bumping Into Politics in Eat Tour of D.C.

With Mardi Gras quickly approaching, celebrity chef Jay Ducote, the self-proclaimed “food ambassador for South Louisiana,” spent a week eating his way through Washington and shared his thoughts on how hard it is to get away from politics in D.C., even when you try.

Lead in the Water, Way Beyond Flint

A single serving of pasta cooked with North Carolina tap water in the home of a sick baby contained more lead than a dime-sized paint chip. An increase in spontaneous abortions and miscarriages was tied to undisclosed lead in the Washington, D.C.’s drinking water. And tap water at an Ohio mobile home community was found to have three times the allowable lead levels for months before residents were informed.

Mardi Gras on the Hill

Members of the Louisiana delegation will celebrate Fat Tuesday with traditional Mardi Gras king cake in their offices.




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