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McConnell's Move to Avert Shutdown Cheers Vulnerable Senators Up in 2016

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is always looking ahead to the next election.

New Tea Party Caucus Chairman: DHS Fight Could Break the GOP

The act of listening is one of the safest, most clichd strategies in Washington. Candidates embark on public relations-friendly listening tours. Committee members nod as experts testify. Congressional leaders sit through sessions with frustrated members, rope-a-doping their partys most spirited lawmakers by responding to tirades with an open ear.

A Former Senior Senate GOP Leader Is Ready for a Comeback. Who Knew?

Hes looking a little tan, sounding rested and signaling hes ready. Hes a former senator from a big swing state who was a senior member of the congressional leadership. He was even the runner-up for his partys presidential nomination last cycle.

The Foggy, Imperfect, No-Good End Game on DHS Funding

If youre wondering how the fight over the Department of Homeland Security funding bill is going to end, youre not alone: Lawmakers and aides across the Capitol genuinely dont know which doesnt exactly portend well for avoiding a department shutdown.

Obama Reiterates Immigration Veto Threat in Telemundo Town Hall (Updated)

Updated 7:31 p.m. | President Barack Obamas town hall airing now on Telemundo included a vow to veto any efforts to roll back his immigration executive actions and warned of consequences for immigration agents who dont follow his new directives.

Wasserman Schultz Fillets House Counsel Over Cost of Boehner Lawsuit

The top Democrat on the House Appropriations Legislative Branch Subcommittee took advantage of a rare opportunity to grill the chambers top lawyer on the cost of Speaker John A. Boehners lawsuit against President Barack Obama.

OECD Seeks Change In Global Taxation

Thanks in part to past concerns that globalization could lead to double taxation, corporations have numerous techniques at their disposal to reduce their tax bills, including the placement of subsidiaries and spinoff holding companies in low-tax jurisdictions.

Lawmakers May Find Consensus on Taxes Overseas

If theres one part of the tax code that both parties want to overhaul sooner rather than later, its taxation of foreign profits.

Ted Cruz Learns When to Fold

Sen. Ted Cruz apparently isnt up for fighting just for the sake of fighting when it comes to funding the Department of Homeland Security.

Lawmaker's Quest for Cookie Crumbles

In a truly devastating blow, Rep. Scott Rigell came up empty-handed Wednesday in his search for a cookie from the House Carry-Out, a setback thats likely to drag down the rest of his day, maybe even the rest of his week.

Vulnerable GOP Senators Steer Clear of CPAC

As conservative operatives and activists gather this week for the annual Conservative Political Action Conference, a handful of notable GOP senators are absent from the speaking lineup.

Critics Stick It to Tom Wheeler

An original Banksy it aint.

Vote with Your Liver at #CocktailCaucus 2015

As anyone whos covered previous iterations of the Conservative Political Action Conference the right-wing rally returning to town Feb. 25-28 can attest, the best part of sitting through the cacophony of stump speeches is getting good and loaded afterwards.

Harry Reid Decides to Take Yes for an Answer

Harry Reid decided he could take Mitch McConnells offer to give him exactly what he wanted after all.

Congressional Republicans All Over CPAC Lineup

Rep. Ryan Zinke, R-Mont., has only been in Congress for six weeks, but he is already preparing a talk at this weeks Conservative Political Action Conference.

Durbin Celebrates 25th Anniversary of Airplane Smoking Ban

Everyone who flies on a commercial airliner has heard the announcement that tampering with an airplanes lavatory smoke detector is a federal offense.

House Democrats Get Better Odds in California Senate Race

A few House Democrats have found more favorable odds in Californias Senate race after former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa eschewed a bid for the open seat.

Remembrance of Shutdowns Past

Republicans scored big gains in the 2010 and 2014 elections because both of those midterms were about President Barack Obama and the Democratic Party. Democrats had successful elections in 2006, 2008 and 2012 primarily because they made those elections about the GOP and George W. Bush, John McCain and Mitt Romney.

On DHS Funding, House Republicans Agree to Wait on Senate

House Republicans emerged from their closed-door meeting Wednesday morning in agreement theyll wait and see what the Senate can pass in regards to legislation funding the Department of Homeland Security.

Kaine Won't Attend Netanyahu Speech

Sen. Tim Kaine is the latest Democrat to announce he will not attend Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahus speech to a joint meeting of Congress next week.




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