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Shining Light on the EPA | Commentary

When it comes to energy, the EPA is effectively deciding the nation’s energy policy and imposing billions in compliance costs on manufacturers and energy producers. The EPA’s regulatory actions have the potential to result in higher energy prices for consumers, harm our fragile economic recovery, prevent economic growth and stifle technology, innovation and job creation.

More transparency and accountability is needed to determine the full effect the agency’s energy-related regulations will have on jobs, energy prices and our nation’s economy. This is why I have introduced the Energy Consumers Relief Act of 2013 (HR 1582). The legislation, which will be considered in the House Energy and Commerce Committee next month, will help ensure energy and economic costs are given appropriate consideration in relation to future EPA regulations. Independent and thorough review by federal departments with expertise in energy and economic analysis, led by the Department of Energy, will serve as a check against rules that may cause significant adverse harm to our economy and jobs. The bill will protect consumers from higher energy prices by providing oversight of the EPA’s most expensive rules that regulate the production, supply, distribution or use of energy.

There should be transparency for those Americans who cannot afford a lobbyist but whose livelihoods may be affected by major new rules. The American people cannot afford to have jobs shipped overseas or pay more at the pump due to crippling regulations that may have uncertain benefits. More rationality, transparency and accountability must be brought into the EPA and its rule-making process.

Rep. Bill Cassidy, R-La., serves on the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

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