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Senate Democrats Pledge Regular Order for Immigration Overhaul

Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call
Leahy, left, will hold Judiciary Committee meetings on whatever immigration policy changes the Senate comes up with.

Reid would not specify whether he thought a gun control measure or an immigration bill should advance first, leaving that determination to Leahy.

We have one of the most senior members of the Senate who is chairman of that committee. He can do both. He can do both issues. And hes going to do both issues. And were going to treat both issues the same way, Reid said. The Republicans and rightfully so feel better about bills that go through the committee structure. And were going to do that on immigration. Were going to do it on violence, guns. Also, not only do Republicans feel better, so do we.

That would represent just the first step in achieving Democratic leaders goal of passing an immigration bill by summer.

Once it gets to the floor, I have made a commitment, and Im telling everyone here, were going to have an amendment process. I dont know how long it will take, but well take a lot of time, because there will be a lot of important issues that will be brought up. There will be a lot of discussion brought up. We may have to have a number of votes on different amendments in a different number of procedural ways, Reid said. But were going to have a legislation done in the Senate the way that its supposed to be done.

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