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Rep. Paul Ryan Advocates Getting Out in Front on Election Strategy

Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call

“I think the payroll tax deal, from a political standpoint, certainly caused damage because it muddled the differences ... which is, I think, what the president loves,” Ryan said.

Ryan noted that the portion of the deal that is not offset was a function of having to compromise to get an agreement — and was not something Republicans wanted.

He said that these are the issues that Americans will decide in the November election.

“The gridlock is as bad as it’s ever been, and we need Americans to break it,” Ryan said

“The stakes of this election could not be higher,” he added.

Ryan advocated for Republicans to offer solutions and not run overly negative campaigns. That way, if they win, they will have a mandate to implement their policies.

“We simply cannot try and win this thing by default and running against all the bad news that contributed to the president’s unpopularity,” he said.

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