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RSC Looks to Advance ‘Growth’ Agenda, Mend Fences

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Lawmakers are likely to focus on what conservatives see as the unholy trinity ­ taxes, regulations and labor. Conservatives are particularly interested in at least two measures that limit agencies’ ability to regulate ­— a proposal that would require Congressional approval of major rules of the executive branch before they may take effect and a proposal by Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) to impose a moratorium on federal regulations until the unemployment rate hits 7.7 percent.

The ideas could also be floated as options for the Joint Committee on Deficit Reduction. The 12 lawmakers on the super committee, already advancing on the monumental task before them, will be taking cues from the administration’s plan — which the president is likely to unveil during a Labor Day speech in Detroit. Freshman Sen. Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) and the committee’s Republican co-chairman, Rep. Jeb Hensarling (Texas), will likely be sympathetic to the requests of the conservative wing of the party.

Jordan’s letter also asks for suggestions about how the RSC should handle the upcoming debate over a fiscal 2012 continuing resolution.

“With only 11 legislative days left in FY 2011, I would expect the CR issue to come up soon after we return to Washington. We can keep our momentum going! To help build the case, I would once again appreciate your feedback — this time about the FY2012 CR, with respect to both the CR’s spending levels and policy provisions,” Jordan wrote.

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