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Nancy Pelosi Still Wants a Pool Table (Video)

Nancy Pelosi seemingly was content to celebrate her 75th birthday with a vote on a Medicare fix. Until she wasnt.

Vulnerable Senators Switch Votes on Paid Sick Leave (Updated)

Updated 9:20 p.m. | Two of the most vulnerable Republican senators, Patrick J. Toomey of Pennsylvania and Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, switched their votes Thursday on an amendment that would allow workers to earn up to seven days of paid sick time annually.

Loretta Lynch: From 'Back of the Bus' to 'Sacrificial Lamb'

Adopting rhetoric similar to Illinois Senator and Minority Whip Richard J. Durbins back of the bus comment that drew the ire of Republicans, about a dozen women congregated outside Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnells office Thursday to protest the delay on confirming Loretta Lynch.

Vote-a-Rama Minute-by-Minute

The moment youve been waiting for the (sort of) annual Senate vote-a-rama is here. A whole host of CQ Roll Call reporters and editors are tweeting out details during the marathon voting session, which you can read below. Scores of amendments are expected to get votes, with final adoption of the Senate GOPs budget expected early Friday morning.

Media Helps Keep Judiciary Committee Honest

With the budget vote-a-rama anticipated to consume the Worlds Greatest Deliberative Body for the foreseeable future, Senate Judiciary Committee members Thursday had resigned themselves to doing the peoples business behind closed doors until the Fourth Estate weighed in.

Schocked, Schocked That Coffee Is on House Floor (Video)

Aaron Schock, whose resignation officially takes effect on March 31, may be leaving Congress, but not before breaking just one more House rule: Schock brought coffee to the House chamber Thursday.

Congress Losing Another Constituency

Attention, Congress. You lost the approval of the American public a long time ago, but youre in danger of losing a key part of your base: Washington think tanks.

Boehner: Obama Is 'Anti-War President' Unwilling to Lead (Video)

Speaker John A. Boehner dismissed Barack Obama Thursday as an anti-war president unwilling to lead an international coalition against the Islamic State terror group, also known as ISIS or ISIL; al-Qaida and other terrorist organizations.

A Taste of March Madness at Charity Basketball Game

We talked about madness in March this is as mad as it gets!

Coats' Top Aide Enters Indiana Senate Contest

Updated, 12:35 p.m. | Eric Holcomb, a congressional staffer and former Indiana GOP chairman, announced a bid Thursday to succeed retiring Sen. Dan Coats, becoming the first Republican to enter what could be a crowded primary field.

House Passes SGR Deal in Big, Bipartisan Fashion (Video)

On Thursday, the House touched the third rail. Lawmakers didnt punt. They didnt kick the can down the road. And they were bigger than the clichs that have come to describe the predictable patterns of Congress.

Lawmakers Show Off Blades of Glory

BALLSTON, Va. Canadians and Minnesotans are some of the nicest people you can meet unless they have a hockey stick in their hands.

Rand Paul Backs More Defense Spending — If It's Paid For (Updated)

Updated 9:14 p.m. | Sen. Rand Paul doesnt have a problem with increasing the defense budget, but he wants real offsets.

Senators Launch Effort to 'Cut Red Tape'

People dont get up every morning and read the Federal Register.

#tbt Trivia: Strange Mailings Edition

Voting Marathon: More Test Marketing Than Attack Ads

Senators readying their patience, their reading material and even their bladders for the annual ritual known as the vote-a-rama may rightfully be getting ready to ask, Will it be worth it?

Vote-a-Rama Presents Political Peril for Vulnerable Incumbents

Senators arent making law as they complete work on the budget resolution, but for those facing the voters in 2016, the affair is riddled with political landmines, often set deliberately by the other party.

Freshman Senator: Pay for Obamacare Replacement With ... Obamacare

Bill Cassidy, the freshman senator from Louisiana and a doctor, has been pushing fellow Republicans in his first few months in the Senate to embrace an alternative to Obamacare one he predicts will insure more people without mandates.

GOP Defense Hawks Trump Conservatives as House OKs Budget

After months of leaderships best-laid plans falling apart on the floor and behind the scenes, House GOP leaders eked out a much-needed victory Wednesday, with Republicans endorsing a budget that added even more defense dollars to the blueprint reported out committee.

Lobbyists-Turned-Staffers Disclose Salaries, Clients

Lobbyists who left K Street in recent months to take jobs on Capitol Hill left behind big salaries and numerous clients that have a stake in the debates their new bosses are engaged in.




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