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Two Words Helped Remove Kansas Democrat From Ballot

The Kansas Supreme Court ruled Thursday that Democrat Chad Taylor will not appear on the general-election ballot as a candidate for Senate ó and it all came down to just two words Taylor included in his letter to the secretary of stateís office.

Energy and Commerce Race Heats Up as Election Nears

After a quite couple of months, the race to be the ranking Democrat on the Energy and Commerce Committee is heating up again.

Senate Republicans Pass Out Campaign Talking Points

Senate Republicans are being sent home for election season with a tri-fold card that provides talking points on health care, taxes, the economy ó even Senate procedure.

Rank and File Blast Opposing Leaders for Dropping the Legislative Ball

Having effectively set the country on cruise control until just beyond Election Day, House and Senate leaders did their damnedest Thursday to look really, really busy without actually doing anything that could get them into political trouble.

Boehner Lists Tax Reform Among House GOP's Top Priorities for 2015

In what was hyped as a potential road map for House Republicans in the 114th Congress, Speaker John A. Boehner laid out a five-point vision for creating growth and mobility in America on Thursday.

Elizabeth Roskam Paints Capitol for Ukrainian Leader

Artist Elizabeth Roskam, the wife of Illinois Republican Rep. Peter Roskam, on Thursday delivered a one-of-a-kind portrait of the U.S. Capitol to visiting Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko.

Sports Stars’ Stumbles Spark Fresh Round of 'Slam the Solons'

As if engineering new ways to kinda-sorta green light foreign wars without getting booted out of office in a few weeks werenít stressful enough, elected officials must once again ó thanks to wildly inappropriate behavior by marquee athletes ó contend with age-old accusations about everything thatís wrong with Capitol Hill.

After Today, House Is Done Through the Elections

Itís official: The House is closing up shop until after the midterm elections.

African-American Voters Targeted in New North Carolina Ad (Video)

Sen. Kay Haganís campaign and Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee are launching a coordinated radio buy Thursday targeting African-American voters.

Party Like it's 1994: Gingrich, DeLay Reunite With 'Greatest Class'

While most of Congress trekked down Pennsylvania Avenue Wednesday night to the annual White House picnic, a select group of current and former members took a trip down Memory Lane instead, converging on the Hill to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the historic House GOP class of 1994.

House Democrats Raise $10.2 Million in August for Midterms

House Democrats raised more than $10 million in August, according to figures obtained first by CQ Roll Call from a committee aide.

The 'Cory Booker of California' Leaps to Safer Ground

Itís a story even Hollywood couldnít concoct.

Meet the Super PAC Woman

As the political ad wars rage on television sets from New England to Southern California, Democrats think they have their answer to the Koch brothers and Karl Rove: a mother of three sons from suburban Virginia.

Getting Our Fill of Vacationland

ROCKLAND, Maine ó Two airplane flights (four hours in airports, combined) and roughly 120 minutes of creeping along two-lane roads that snake their way through stoplight-free Northeastern hamlets later, I finally arrived in the bayfront oasis I would call home for the next few days.

Conservatives Pick Mike Lee as His Ambitious Pals Eye 2016

The caucus of the most conservative senators has chosen a new leader. Itís not either of the Republicans who will probably come to mind first ó but he may well be the man whoís going to push the Senate hardest to the right over the long term.

Odd Coalitions, Unusual Fractures in Syria, Continuing Resolution Votes (Video)

The House fractured along untraditional lines Wednesday, voting 319-108 to pass a continuing resolution to fund the government and 273-156 to adopt an amendment arming Syrian rebels.

Blumenthal Floats Changes to NFL Antitrust Exemption (Video)

A Senate Democrat is floating a proposal that could increase the governmentís leverage over the activities of professional sports leagues like the NFL.

House Votes to Arm Syrian Rebels; CR Passes (Updated) (Video)

Updated 7:03 p.m. | After voting to give President Barack Obama the authority to arm and train Syrian rebels, the House passed legislation Wednesday to fund the government until Dec. 11, moving the bill to avoid a government shutdown and address Islamic State organizations to the Senate.

Tom Coburn Won't Be Going Away Quietly

Sen. Tom Coburn is retiring at the end of this Congress, but the Oklahoma Republican has put the word out that he isnít likely to let the Senate have its end-of-session legislative feeding frenzy.




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