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Ron Johnson Seeks Common Ground in the Numbers

Chris Maddaloni/CQ Roll Call File Photo

But I tell you what works a lot better: Rather than the first intention is, letís bludgeon this guy into agreeing with me and force him to compromise, figure out what you agree on. Letís address that.

We go at this totally backwards. I want to figure out what we agree on and letís pass that stuff.

Q. Do you think the agreement in the Senate to vote on some presidential nominees while leaving filibuster rules in place could provide some momentum to reach a fiscal deal?

A. We can hope so, but again, I didnít reach the agreement. What was disappointing about it was, on the flip side, there was no guarantee by the Democrats or the majority leader to not bring this issue up again

Q. You say Americans have an addiction to a growing government, which is producing an unsustainable debt. How do you sell people on your vision of a scaled-back government?

A. The only hope really is providing information. And thatís really what I try and do. Youíve got to inform, persuade. Youíve got to win the argument. Everything I do ó the analogy I use is Iím trying to grab America by the lapels: Do you understand what youíre doing?

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