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Ricin Case: An Inside Look at Capitol Police's Role in Investigation

Dine, still new to the Capitol Police department after being sworn in as chief at the end of December, expressed pride and appreciation for his officers. He also called the events of the past 48 hours a perfect case study in what makes the force so unique.

“A lot of people don’t understand the many facets of the agency,” Dine said. “We’re a little bit like all these other agencies. We do dignitary protections, so kind of like the Secret Service, but we also do investigations like the FBI does and intelligence and obviously security pieces like Homeland Security  . . .  We’re a lot like multiple agencies all rolled into one.”

But while Wednesday night’s arrest would suggest the case is closed, Dine said the investigation is far from over — it’s yet to be determined how Curtis came into possession of ricin.

“There’s a whole lot more work to do,” Dine said, and it will take “a lot of teamwork.”

Daniel Newhauser contributed to this report

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