Republicans Bet Housework Over NRCC Dues Collection

Brady, left, and Scalise, right, live in the same townhouse. (Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

Four House Republicans — who are also roommates — aren't messing around with collecting dues for the National Republican Congressional Committee.  

Earlier this week, Republicans named Reps. Kevin Brady of Texas, Erik Paulsen of Minnesota, John Shimkus of Illinois and Steve Scalise of Louisiana, the incoming House majority whip, as chairmen of the campaign committee's latest push to get members to pay their dues. The men also live together in a Washington, D.C., townhouse when Congress is in session.  

"It's a competition," Brady said. "And the loser each period has to do chores around the house."  

"I know one week is washing dishes. Another one is taking out the trash," he said. "The third is, heaven forbid, vacuuming. Which we don’t have a vacuum." The NRCC needs the financial help: The committee lagged behind the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee in June fundraising, and Democrats are using the money to secure early, reduced ad rates  for the fall campaign.  

Brady promised he would not lose the bet, before throwing some trash talk toward his new whip.  

"I’m determined not to get hung with any of those chores," he said. "There’s real question whether Scalise’ll do them anyway.  

"He hadn’t lifted a finger yet," Brady said of the housework.  

“If anyone has seen how messy Brady’s room is, there would be no doubt that he does his own housecleaning,” Scalise said.