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Reid Raises Possibility of Using Nuclear Option to Speed Confirmation of Nominees

Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call
Reid, left, has raised the possibility of changing filibuster rules to respond to what he calls Republican obstructionism on nominees.

“I don’t know. I have not done a vote count,” Levin said, adding that the group that headed off the rules showdown in January has had “very casual conversations” since then.

Levin said the move would violate two rules, one requiring 67 votes to end debate on changing the rules and the other that maintains the Senate is a continuing body and does not need to approve its rules every Congress, like the House.

“What the majority leader wants to do is get these things done. That is the goal and it is a very legitimate goal and he’s got to get these things done,” he added.

“Some people say ‘just use nuclear option on nominees,’” Levin said. “That makes it harder to get any legislation done around here even though you are not changing the filibuster rule on legislation.”

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