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Reid Tempers Enthusiasm for 'Gang of Six' Plan

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"I think 'embracing' the plan is a little stretch," Reid said of Obama's statement. "But he had a conversation with one of members of the gang of six. He's very interested in what it does, but the president knows, because I've explained it to him many, many different times, the problems we have with time around here. "

Reid has said the Senate will not take a day off until the debt ceiling is raised, and the long view is that a sweeping deal could clear Congress after an initial plan to raise the debt limit is approved. The Reid-McConnell proposal includes a joint commission to review deficit reduction ideas, and it would tentatively be required to submit a plan by the end of this year. The gang of six framework bolstered by Tuesday's support could give that provision added heft moving forward.

Those involved in the gang of six talks would ideally like to get some of their provisions included in the Reid-McConnell deal. Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.), a member of the gang, will report to Reid within the next 24 hours about any provisions that the gang's Democratic members believe could fit into the package, the Majority Leader said.

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