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Putting Our Nation's Economy Before Politics | Commentary

The Ex-Im Bank is one of the rare agencies that traditionally has earned widespread approval from Congress because it provides support to America’s backbone and No. 1 job creator: small manufacturers. It’s not only vital to the growth of small and medium-sized manufacturers in the United States, but 1 in 3 manufacturing jobs depends on exports, according to the White House.

American citizens are making it clear to Washington that their No. 1 priority is creating jobs and boosting the economy, so it’s hard to believe a member of Congress wouldn’t vote to reauthorize an agency that has assisted in creating or sustaining more than 1.2 million American jobs since 2009. The bottom line is that without the Ex-Im Bank’s support, American businesses, employment and the overall economy will suffer. Reauthorizing the Ex-Im Bank’s charter before it expires at the end of September is one thing our “dysfunctional government” should be able to stand behind firmly.

Blanche Lincoln is a former senator from Arkansas. She is the founder and principal of the Lincoln Policy Group.

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