Priorities, Priorities: In D.C., Yoga More Expensive, Beer More Available

Coming soon to a brewery near you, beer-drinking on the premises! (Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

How's this for a city motto: Washington, D.C., where the yoga's expensive and the beer is easy!  

That might need a little work, but that's the gist of the fiscal 2015 D.C. spending plan that is on a glide path now that the D.C. Council has over-ridden Mayor Vincent Gray's veto of its $10.6 billion spending plan. That plan raised taxes on health club memberships and cut funding for a streetcar project, but contained language that allows D.C. burgeoning breweries to sell beer for on-site consumption, according to my Roll Call colleague Hannah Hess .  

Get the message? Drink more beer, work out less! Right?