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Presidential Race Surrogates Defend Candidates’ Tax Plans

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New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte defended Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney's plan to fix the economy on Fox News Sunday.

Surrogates for President Barack Obama and GOP nominee Mitt Romney took to the airwaves today to defend their respective candidates and hammer home themes that cropped up in the first presidential debate last week.

Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H.) and Maryland Gov. Martin OMalley (D) traded barbs and defended their respective party candidates plans to fix the economy on Fox News Sunday.

Ayotte, going to bat for Romney, defended his tax plan and lauded his goal to work across the aisle to help jolt the economy. OMalley defended the presidents record in slowing the rate of job loss that was taking place when Obama took office, as well as attacked Romneys vague tax plan.

Ayotte was critical of Obamas record on helping spark economic growth, saying Fridays positive jobs report that showed a drop in unemployment was no cause to celebrate and that Obamas budget will create more taxation, more regulation and economic stagnation.

I think if you had told the American people four years ago that unemployment would be at 7.8 percent at this point during the presidents term, I dont think anyone should be satisfied or happy with that, Ayotte said.

OMalley agreed that 7.8 percent unemployment is not ideal, but he said its better than what the American people had four years ago.

Its far better to be gaining jobs than losing 800,000 jobs a month as we were when George W. Bush was in office, OMalley said. We still have a long way to go, but we are moving in the right direction.

When moderator Chris Wallace said no president has been re-elected with unemployment this high or growth this low since Franklin Delano Roosevelt, OMalley countered that no president has seen the kind of economic stagnation that Obama saw when entering office.

No president since FDR was left bigger job losses, bigger unemployment, bigger deficit, more wars, than President Obama was by the failed policies of President George W. Bush, OMalley said.

When discussing how Romney would lower taxes and lower the deficit at the same time, OMalley accused Romney of not being truthful about how his plan would work.

We saw Big Bird meet the big lie, OMalley said, referring to Romneys comment Wednesday night about how he would get rid of federal funding to PBS.

OMalley added that if Romneys plan would help balance the budget by eliminating tax loopholes, then Romney should be clear about which loopholes he would eliminate.

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