Trump Tries To Woo Sanders Supporters By Trolling Sanders

Vermont senator is too "weak" and "exhausted" to fight, Trump says

Donald Trump called Sen. Bernie Sanders a "weak and somewhat pathetic figure" ahead of the Vermont senator's Monday night address to the Democratic National Convention. (Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call)

Even though Sen. Bernie Sanders is supporting Hillary Clinton after the Democratic National Committee email scandal , Donald Trump is using it as a way to try to pry supporters way from the Vermont independent.    

Trump is fanning the flames of the leaked internal committee emails by saying that Clinton rigged the system from the beginning and that Sanders did not have a chance to win — a common refrain among Sanders supporters who say DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz gamed the primary system in Clinton's favor. 

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In a series of tweets, Trump, hoping to wedge Sanders supporters away from their candidate, said the former Democratic presidential contender had turned into a "pathetic figure." 

But Sanders didn't take Trump's bait and he thinks neither will most of his supporters.  

The senator live tweeted some of his anger toward Trump during the Republican nominee's speech before the Republican National Convention in Cleveland on Thursday.

Sanders also went on ABC's "This Week"  on Sunday to unequivocally state that, "Trump has got to be defeated." 

"I think the vast majority of our supporters understand that in Donald Trump, and I say this not happily, you have somebody who lies all the time. Somebody who wins his campaign by vicious attacks against his opponents," Sanders said.   

"But I think most of my supporters understand Trump has got to be defeated," he added. "We need to elect as many progressive as possible and we need to continue the fight to create an agenda which works for working families and not just for wealthy campaign contributors."  

The Vermont independent is going to speak to the Democratic National Convention Monday night where he is expected to outline his progressive agenda and to reaffirm his support for Clinton.

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