Trump on Ryan: 'We Will Agree on Many Things'

Presumptive Republican nominee says speaker and he can compromise on their agendas

Donald Trump waves as he arrives for a meeting with House Speaker Paul D. Ryan last month in Washington. (Photo By Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call)

In an interview taped the day after Speaker Paul D. Ryan endorsed him, Donald Trump said he and Ryan will agree on many things and can compromise on their agendas.   

"He's a good man," Trump said in an interview with CBS' "Face the Nation" that was taped Friday and aired Sunday. "He wants good things for the country. We will agree on many things. We're not going to agree on all things. But we're going to agree on many things."  

The presumptive Republican presidential nominee said proposals for combating poverty are one thing that he and Ryan can agree upon. Ryan and House Republicans will release a policy paper on poverty Tuesday as part of the rollout of their agenda, "A Better Way."  

"He wants to take people out of poverty. So do I. And we're going to come up with a plan," Trump said.   

Both Trump and Ryan say they believe a key to getting people out of poverty is job creation and incentives for work.   

"They're poor in many cases because they don't have jobs," Trump said. "And I will tell you, I will bring jobs back to this country like nobody's ever seen before."  

As for companies like Carrier and Ford and Nabisco moving to Mexico?  

"I will stop that very quickly," Trump said.  

But on issues like trade, immigration and entitlements, Ryan and Trump's policy views are far apart.   

"To be honest, we've spoken about it very briefly," Trump said. "They're big subjects. You know what my deal is on trade? I want good deals. ... We don't make good deals."  Trump opposes the Trans-Pacific Partnership.  

Ryan, who helped usher the trade promotion authority the Obama administration needed to craft the deal through the House, has noted the importance of TPP but said the deal itself has flaws and couldn't pass the House without changes.   

Despite their differences, Trump said he and Ryan can work together. It won't be Ryan implementing Trump's agenda or Trump implementing Ryan's agenda, Trump said.   

"I think it's going to be a compromise, honestly," he said. "I can see a compromise."  

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