Trump Says He's Taking the 'Shackles' Off

Republican nominee has harsh words for GOP leaders, Ryan in particular

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump started a Twitter fight with House Speaker Paul D. Ryan on Tuesday after Ryan said the previous day that he wouldn't campaign for Trump or defend him. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call file photo)

Donald Trump is no longer taking orders from Republican leadership and he is letting everyone know it.

Multiple Republicans have rescinded their support for the GOP presidential nominee after last Friday's release of a 2005 video obtained by The Washington Post that showed Trump making lewd remarks about women.

On a conference call Monday with Republican officials, House Speaker Paul D. Ryan said he would not defend Trump or campaign with him in the last month of the election.

But Trump took to Twitter on Tuesday to say that suits him fine.

During that same tweetstorm, Trump slammed the speaker for all but abandoning his candidacy.

Trump also took shots at the party that nominated him as its standard-bearer.

Trump also criticized Ryan on Monday.

Trump and Ryan have had a contentious relationship since the real estate mogul emerged as the Republican nominee after this year's primaries.

Back in May, Ryan said that he was "just not there right now" on endorsing Trump, even after it was clear that Trump would be the GOP nominee. The speaker eventually endorsed him in June.

Similarly, Trump held off on backing Ryan in his August congressional primary, saying he was "just not quite there yet." He changed his mind three days later and endorsed him.

But Ryan has also been forced to denounce Trump on numerous occasions, including when Trump said an Indiana-born judge overseeing a fraud case against Trump University couldn't be objective because he was of Mexican descent.

Ryan called those remarks "the textbook definition of a racist statement."

Later in the day, Trump unloaded on the GOP's 2008 presidential nominee, Sen. John McCain, who rescinded his endorsement.


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