Sanders' Sick Bern

Post-DNC tweet seen as a sign that Sanders is now fully "With Her"

Sen. Bernie Sanders had two words for Donald Trump after days of Trump trolling for his supporters. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call)

Bernie Sanders, fresh from his endorsement of Hillary Clinton, sent a message to Donald Trump Monday night that was widely interpreted as a sign that the Vermont senator had finally come into the Clinton fold.

"Never Tweet," Sanders wrote directly to Trump, who had been taunting the septuagenarian senator all week, calling him "tired" and "pathetic" for capitulating to the presumptive Democratic nominee Clinton.  

The tweet came in response to a Trump missive 10 minutes earlier that said, "Bernie Sanders totally sold out to Crooked Hillary Clinton."

Trump had tweeted earlier that it was "sad to watch Bernie Sanders abandon his revolution," that the senator looked "exhausted and done," and that he had "lost his energy and his strength."

Sanders response echoed a tweet from Clinton to Trump in June — the most widely distributed of her campaign — that said simply, "Delete your account."

Both Clinton and Sanders were appropriating Twitter burns popular with much of the younger generation, that basically mean your posts are so lame, you should just give up.  

By jumping in on the Trump Twitter zinger fest, Sanders positioned himself alongside Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, the attack dog of the campaign, who followed Clinton's June tweet with one of her own that said, "No, seriously — delete your account."

"This, more than that speech, shows me that Bernie is finally on board," a Reddit user posted under the name blueshirt21.

Other posters on the popular online forum agreed. "This is definitely the natural follow-up to Delete your account," a user with the id birlik54 responded. "He's on our side now."
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