Ryan Won't Break With Trump

Speaker says party split would guarantee a liberal becomes president

Speaker Paul D. Ryan says denouncing Donald Trump would guarantee that Hillary Clinton becomes president of the U.S.(Al Drago/CQ Roll Call file photo)

If you’re holding out hope that Speaker Paul D. Ryan will lead a Republican revolt against presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump, don’t.  

“If I lead a schism in our party than I’m guaranteeing that a liberal becomes president,” the Wisconsin Republican said at a news conference Thursday when asked if he’s thought about standing up against Trump for the good of the party.  

[ Ryan Won't Tell Republicans to Endorse Trump ]  

Ryan said he wants to see the Manhattan real estate mogul’s campaign improve, particularly when it comes to tone, but he said fully denouncing the nominee would lead to an outcome in the November election that Republicans don’t want.  

“The last thing I want to do is help Hillary Clinton become president of the United States,” Ryan said.  

Last week, the speaker stopped short of telling other Republicans to endorse Trump, saying they should vote their conscience.

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