Some Republican Governors Oppose GOP Health Care Plan

‘They came out with their own bill, which doesn’t include anything that the governors have talked about’

Gov. Brian Sandoval, R-Nev., criticized the House Republican health care proposal for not including items suggested by governors. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call file photo)

Republican governors are voicing their concerns about congressional Republicans’ proposed replacement for the 2010 health care law signed by former President Barack Obama.

One of their main criticisms of the law is it would force lower income people off insurance rolls or stick states with the costs of their coverage, The Associated Press reported.

“We’ve said all along, ‘Work with the governors,’ that it should be a governor-led effort and for the Congress to rely on the governors,” said Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval. “Well, they came out with their own bill, which doesn’t include anything that the governors have talked about.”

One of the biggest criticisms is that the repeal would hit states that have chosen to expand Medicaid, possibly jeopardizing coverage for roughly 11 million people.

While many Republican governors opposed the expansion of Medicaid, others in states like Ohio, Michigan, and Nevada implemented it. The House GOP proposal would shrink the number of people eligible for coverage or leave states to keep them covered.

“Phasing out Medicaid coverage without a viable alternative is counterproductive and unnecessarily puts at risk our ability to treat the drug-addicted, mentally ill and working poor who now have access to a stable source of care,” said Ohio Gov. John Kasich, who defended his decision to expand Medicaid while running for president.

But Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who is chairman of the Republican Governors’ Association, called the bill “an important first step.”

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