Pennsylvania: FreedomWorks to Back Tim Murphy's GOP Opponent

FreedomWorks will back Rep. Tim Murphy's (R) primary challenger, former Capitol Hill aide Evan Feinberg, on Tuesday, according to local GOP sources. The conservative activist group announced Monday it would hold a press conference near Pittsburgh to make an “important announcement regarding” the race for the 18th district. Jacqueline Bodnar, a spokeswoman for FreedomWorks, would not confirm the Feinberg endorsement to Roll Call. In an e-mail, she said the top official for the group's political action committee will join "multiple local tea party and limited government groups" at the press conference "on specifically how we plan to help our activists out in the Congressional race." Feinberg, a former staffer for Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), struggled with fundraising last year, bringing in just $50,000 for his campaign in the fourth quarter. That’s a fraction of the $264,000 Murphy raised during the same time period, allowing the Congressman to report more than $1 million in the bank as of Dec. 31. A FreedomWorks endorsement will boost Feinberg’s campaign coffers and his grass-roots infrastructure in southwestern Pennsylvania ahead of the April 24 primary. Feinberg did not respond to a request for comment.