N.C. GOP Chief: One County Recount Could Decide Governor's Race in ‘Next Few Days’

A recount in only one county could decide the winner

North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory s trails in the latest vote count to Democratic challenger Roy Cooper, but Republicans want a recount of disputed results in Durham County. (Al Drago/CQ Roll Call file photo)

Three weeks after election day, the North Carolina gubernatorial race could be decided by a recount in one county after the State Board of Elections dismissed previous Republican protests about ineligible voters. 

A recount in Durham County could resolve the dispute within “the next few days,” North Carolina GOP Executive Director Dallas Woodhouse said at a news conference Tuesday, The Charlotte Observer reported. 

The Board of Elections will meet Wednesday to review a request to recount early votes in Durham County. Gov. Pat McCrory’s campaign has said it will not pursue a statewide recount if Durham holds one, citing "irregularities" in vote counting there.

“Durham County is going to recount its votes, or the entire state will if that is an option,” Woodhouse said. 

McCrory is currently trailing Democrat Roy Cooper by more than 9,000 votes, according to the Board of Elections. Democrats have repeatedly called on McCrory to concede as Cooper makes plans for his transition into office.

A directive was also recently issued by the board telling local election officials to dismiss any challenges to voter's eligibility filed after Election Day.  The memo also told officials to count any votes that were thrown out due to those complaints. 

The decision is troubling, Woodhouse said, and the state should revisit efforts to keep ineligible voters out of the election.

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