Grassley Wants Clinton FBI Notes Released to Public

Clinton campaign pushes for their release 'rather than allow Republicans to mischaracterize them'

Sen. Charles E. Grassley said the public would be getting only part of the story unless all unclassified notes from the FBI's investigation into Hillary Clinton's email server are released. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call file photo)

The Republican chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee is calling for the FBI to release confidential notes about its Hillary Clinton investigation, just as the Clinton campaign is calling for their full release.

"The FBI should make as much of the material available as possible," Sen. Charles E. Grassley said in a statement. The Iowa Republican added, "The FBI has made public statements in describing its handling of the case, so sharing documents in support of those statements wherever appropriate would make sense. Right now, the public is at a disadvantage and has only part of the story."

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Clinton's campaign said in a statement that the release of the notes from the FBI's investigation is "an extraordinary rare step that was sought solely by Republicans for the purposes of further second-guessing the career professionals at the FBI." 

"We believe that if these materials are going to be shared outside the Justice Department, they should be released widely so that the public can see them for themselves, rather than allow Republicans to mischaracterize them through selective, partisan leaks," the statement said.

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The FBI released a statement on Tuesday saying that the notes were given to Congress in the name of transparency.  

"The FBI is providing certain relevant materials to appropriate congressional committees to assist them in their oversight responsibilities in this matter," the statement read. "The material contains classified and other sensitive information and is being provided with the expectation it will not be disseminated or disclosed without FBI concurrence."

The notes were released at the same time that the State Department announced it would release previously undisclosed emails that the FBI uncovered in their investigation. 

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