African-American Voters Targeted in New North Carolina Ad (Video)

Hagan is a Democrat from North Carolina. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call)

Sen. Kay Hagan's campaign and Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee are launching a coordinated radio buy Thursday targeting African-American voters.  

The ad continues the barrage of Democratic attacks on Republican Thom Tillis for cuts made to the education budget by the Legislature, where he is speaker. It also takes a swipe at Republicans for passing a law requiring identification to allow people to vote, something Democrats argue suppresses minority voters.  

The one minute-long ad, provided first to CQ Roll Call, features a conversation between two women. "Ugh, more troubling news from Raleigh," says the first woman.  

"Ugh, what now?" the other woman asks. "Could it be worse than those Republicans rolling back our right to vote?"  

"Well for our kids and grandkids, it might be worse," says the first.  

"It's those education cuts passed by Speaker Thom Tillis and the Republicans," says the second.  

"I heard! $500 million in cuts. And they're already having an effect. Bigger class sizes, and no textbooks for our kids to bring home for homework," says the first.  

"Thom Tillis and the Republicans were delivering big tax breaks for those wealthy special interest while our kids and schools pay the price," the first woman says later in the conversation.  

The two conclude by saying they will vote for Hagan when early voting starts.  


The price tag on the ad is just under $1 million. It begins running Thursday on radio stations with large African-American audiences.  

The DSCC will launch radio ad buys targeting African American voters in other key states across the country, a spokesman told CQ Roll Call.  

Republicans need six seats to take control of the Senate, and North Carolina is at the center of that battle . Recent polls give Hagan a slight edge with less than two months until election day.  

The race is rated Tilts Democrat by the Rothenberg Political Report/Roll Call.  

Correction: A previous version misquoted the speakers in the ad discussing the cuts to the education budget. Related Stories:

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