DSCC Outraises NRSC in March

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and National Republican Senatorial Committee both turned in strong fundraising in March, but the DSCC outraised its GOP counterpart by about $1.6 million, according to figures released by the committees today.

The DSCC raised $7.4 million and ended March with nearly $24 million on hand. The NRSC raised $5.8 million and had nearly $20 million in the bank on March 31.

The NRSC raised $15 million in the first quarter and raised about $1.5 million more last month than it did in March 2008, the last presidential cycle. The DSCC announced it had its best three-month fundraising haul ever, bringing in a total of $17.7 million, but its strong March was still off-pace from March 2008 when the committee brought in around $8 million.

There are about a dozen competitive Senate seats out of 33 up this cycle, and heavy outside spending is already under way in some states. The NRSC has tipped its spending strategy hand with $25 million in TV airtime reservations in six states. Republicans need to net four seats to take the majority.