Democrats Won't Accept that Coffman Doesn't Like Trump

DCCC ad pushes back on Colorado congressman's anti-Trump ad

Democrats are attacking Colorado Rep. Mike Coffman's attempt to distance himself from Trump. (Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call)

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee made a $10,000 cable television buy Friday afternoon for an ad that pushes back on Colorado Rep. Mike Coffman's assertion that he'd stand up to Donald Trump if he's elected president.   

Coffman on Thursday became the first vulnerable House Republican to release a video online in which he said he doesn't like Trump.   

"Honestly, I don't care for him much," Coffman says, speaking directly to the camera. He goes on to say he doesn't trust Hillary Clinton either. But "country first"— as the ad is titled — is Coffman's message.  

"So if Donald Trump is the president, I'll stand up to him, plain and simple."  

The DCCC ad, which will air over the next week, is a direct response to Coffman's ad, even showing its opening sequence on a TV screen in its own opening frame.   

Democrats won't accept that Coffman isn't standing with Trump. The vulnerable Republican has not said that he won't vote for him November.   

"Wait, you're the one who said you'd support him," the narrator in the DCCC ad says. "Don't let Mike Coffman get away with this gimmick."  

Colorado's 6th Districts has been a top target for Democrats for several cycles, and it's a must-win seat for them this year. State Sen. Morgan Carroll is challenging Coffman in the Tilts Republican seat. 

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