Westmoreland: Perdue 'High School Graduate' Comments 'Stupid'

Westmoreland weighs in to Senate primary spat. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

Rep. Lynn Westmoreland on Thursday knocked down Georgia Senate candidate David Perdue's assertion that his opponent is not qualified to run for the Senate because she does not have a college education .  

Westmoreland, who himself never graduated from college, said Perdue's comments about former Georgia Secretary of State Karen Handel are "stupid." He is a five-term Georgia Republican and has yet to endorse a candidate in the race, which includes three of his House colleagues, Reps. Paul Broun, Phil Gingrey and Jack Kingston. He noted that Perdue's comment is unlikely to affect his choice.  

The Georgia Senate primary has been a practical free-for-all, and Perdue recently reportedly said, “I mean, there’s a high school graduate in this race, OK? I’m sorry, but these issues are so much broader, so complex. There’s only one candidate in this race that’s ever lived outside the United States. How can you bring value to a debate about the economy unless you have any understanding about the free enterprise system and how — what it takes to compete in the global economy?”  

Westmoreland noted that Perdue's comment is unlikely to affect his choice.  

"It’s not going to affect it. This just shows the different personalities,” he said. “I think it’s stupid. I’m sure that’s the way he feels, but I feel like you don’t have to be a college degree to be good at whatever you want to do. It’s never hindered me.”  

Westmoreland continued, "Our Founding Fathers, they didn’t say anything about a college education.” he continued. “If he wants to put some qualifications on the office that are not in the constitution, that’s up to him.”