After Rhodes Insults media, White House Hands Out Donuts

Officials deliver breakfast treats after Rhodes panned media

Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes speaks to the White House press corps during a briefing. (Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty Images file photo)

Wednesday was “press appreciation day” at the White House, and after what went viral last Thursday, a little appreciation certainly couldn’t hurt the Obama administration.  

Just six days after Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes alienated both the Washington press corps and foreign policy-national security establishment in a New York Times Magazine profile, two of President Barack Obama’s closest aides were handing out breakfast pastries.  

Rhodes eviscerated much of official Washington in the piece, saying most reporters he deals with are only 27 and “literally know nothing.” Never mind that Rhodes was in his late 20s when Obama plucked him from relative obscurity and started his ascent up the Washington power ladder.  

Oh, and the man who claimed in the magazine piece to spend “two to three hours” with Obama referred to those with decades of foreign policy and national security experience as “the Blob.” The writer, David Samuels, paraphrased Rhodes’ description of the group this way: “Iraq-war promoters from both parties who now whine incessantly about the collapse of the American security order in Europe and the Middle East .”  

Obama and the Mythical Arab Ground Force] Though it apparently was not billed as such in the White House’s daily press guidance, a pool reporter informed journalists across the world that Chief of Staff Denis McDonough and Press Secretary Josh Earnest were handing donuts because it was suddenly “press appreciation day.”  

Perhaps the White House realizes that some — free, except for taxpayers — sweet treats are in order since Rhodes’ ability to, as Samuels described it, “navigate and shape” the media’s coverage might be waning.  

No word when members of the "Blob" will get their sugar-laden goodies .  

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