Cuba Trip Comes with Lots of Baggage

Partisans pick apart Obama's historic visit

The front page of Prensa Latina's Cuban edition features a photo of Cuban leader Raul Castro and President Barack Obama shaking hands with the headline "Visit nine decades later." (Prensa Latina)

As unfamiliar ground as he might find himself on while in Cuba, it should come as no surprise to President Barack Obama that detractors have taken to social media to rail against the historic trip.  

Commentary about the diplomatic mission, which marks the first time a sitting president has toured the Caribbean nation in nearly a century , is trickling out from both sides of aisle.  

Democrats, including some of those chosen to accompany Obama during this whirlwind visit, are continuing to build their case (commercial growth, travel opportunities) for normalizing relations with the communist regime, while Republicans are busily filling the online ether with reasons to keep the Castro brothers at bay until they address numerous ideological differences. The rhetorical tug-of-war has so far touched on:  

Managing expectations

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