White House staff on the hot seat

CQ On Congress episode 171

A coalition of progressive activist groups, including MoveOn.org, hold a rally at the Capitol calling on Congress to impeach President Trump on Capitol Hill on Thursday, Sept. 26, 2019. (Photo by Caroline Brehman/CQ Roll Call)


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With President Trump now facing an impeachment inquiry over his request that the president of Ukraine investigate his political foe, Joe Biden, White House staff now face a decision: Cooperate with Democrats or risk legal jeopardy themselves, says Justin Rood, director of the Congressional Oversight Initiative at the Project on Government Oversight. Still, it's not clear if a still-divided Democratic caucus in the House will have the votes to impeach, should it come to that, says Lindsey McPherson, CQ Roll Call's House reporter.


Show notes: 

‘Sick man’: Trump team’s counter-impeachment strategy comes into focus

House committee leaders demand budget documents related to Ukraine aid holdup

McCarthy: "Tell me one thing in there that is impeachable"

Trump calls on Schiff to ‘immediately resign’ over his portrayal of Trump’s call with Zelenskiy

Whistleblower complaint puts spotlight on White House lawyers



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