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Payroll Tax Cut Standoff Begins

Chris Maddaloni/CQ Roll Call
Speaker John Boehner chose his members today for a conference committee with the Senate to negotiate on a payroll tax cut extension, but House Democrats and the Senate have not followed suit.

It appears right now that theyre relatively uncompromising. But Im not. I try to be a compromiser, the Illinois Republican said. I think its important that we demonstrate an ability to reach out, demonstrate an ability to work across the aisle, and Id like to see us do that.

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) echoed those concerns in an interview on CNN tonight, warning a resolution to the standoff must be found.

It seems to me that Republican leaders and Harry Reid and the Speaker and Congresswoman [Nancy] Pelosi should sit down together with the administration and figure out a way through this, the Arizona Republican said. It is harming the Republican Party. It is harming the view, if its possible, any more of the American people about Congress. And weve got to get this thing resolved.

Clarification: Dec. 20

An earlier version of this story was not clear about when Congress used to pass appropriations bills.

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