Did Trump Just Clinch?

Trump with supporters in Spartanburg after winning the South Carolina primary. (Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images)

Roll Call columnists say yes. Jonathan Allen:   I think the assumption that Trump would win none of the other candidates' voters is a pretty big assumption. If it's three-way all the way, establishment consolidates with Marco Rubio, but a two-way between Trump-Cruz would see some go Trump and a two-way with Rubio would see same thing, I think.  

Trump is in the driver's seat as long as there are more than two candidates, and it's not at all clear that he wouldn't win a two-way race against either Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio. The assumption that either of them would get all the rest of the votes is, as Trump would say, a huuuge assumption. Those who predict an open convention in Cleveland may well be onto something.  

Matt Lewis:  Yep; ditto. Trump wins *unless* this can become a one-on-one race. And I also agree with Jon that a contested convention is possible.  

Patricia Murphy:  If you can't stop Trump here, you can't stop Trump anywhere.  The only thing that could remotely change that would be if Republicans could organize themselves into a one-man opposition against him. But therein lies the key to Trump's success. The current Republican Party has been so busy stabbing each other in a knife fight that Trump is going to walk away with the nomination while the party bleeds to death from self-inflected wounds.  

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